Do I need any gardening experience or expertise?
No! Our service is designed for you to enjoy with no prior experience or expertise in gardening. Our aim is to give you this expertise as you learn from our gardening kits.

What do I need to get started?
Only the most basic of gardening tools, which are not essential but will help you. Typically you will need at least a hand trowel, a hand fork, a watering can and ideally some secateurs once your plants have grown a bit. If you don’t have these tools then opt for our starter kit that will provide all the basics you will need.

Is it suitable for children?
Of course! Our gardening kits are suitable for all ages. Children are particularly absorbed and fascinated by growing things and doing these activities together is great fun.

Can I just get flowers / veg / plants / seeds?
Our current subscription service is designed for you to have a go at all sorts of different growing experiences so you can learn what you like most about gardening. We may provide specialist services in the future. If this is something you would like or you have any other suggestions for our services please get in touch

Do I have to choose what I get in each month's box?
No, you don't have to make any decisions. Our gardeners carefully select what goes in each box to give you a varied and rewarding experience of gardening.

When will my deliveries arrive?
You should receive your deliveries at the same time each month with some seasonal adjustment. We will inform you when a delivery has left us so you can look forward to receiving it.

How will my box be delivered?
All your goodies are lovingly wrapped and packed in a single box each month and delivered by a courier. Click here for see our delivery policy for more info.

Do I need to be at home to receive my order?
There's far too much stuff to fit into a standard letterbox so your delivery will be in a parcel but there's no need to sign for it so you don't have to wait in. Some of the plants we send will be thirsty after their long journey so you should be in a position to open your package on the same day it is delivered.

What will I get in my pack?
Everything you need is provided in your monthly box including the plants, pots, soil, labels, string and so on. Kits will include flowering plants and shrubs, fruit and vegetables, houseplants and even kits to grow from seed.

I've only got a window box - is that enough space?
All our gardening kits are designed to grow in containers and pots with the option to plant some out where suitable. Balconies and patios are usually big enough, a window box may get a little crowded after a few months but you can always give your creations to friends and family to make more space!

How long do I subscribe for and how do I cancel?
Our subscriptions are on-going, however you can cancel at any time, following your first three deliveries. To cancel just contact us.

How long before a cancellation is affective?
You will still receive any delivery that is already in the process of being fulfilled, so your cancellation may take affect on the following month. You will be informed at the point of cancellation if this is the case.

Can I buy a subscription as a gift?
We will be providing gift certificates in the near future, for the time being if you want to purchase as a gift, please contact us to arrange it.

What areas do you deliver to?
We deliver to all areas of England and Wales. If you live in Scotland please contact us to check availability. Regretfully we cannot deliver to Ireland or internationally.

Do I get a box all year round?
Yes! There’s always something fun to do. We provide a subscription box every month of the year.

Still have a question?
Please just contact us and one of our friendly team will get back to you.