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If you have even a little outdoor space, but you don't really know how to get your gardening started, we can help.
Every month you'll receive a box, specially selected by our gardeners, containing a complete gardening kit.
You'll grow flowers and shrubs, fruit and vegetables, houseplants and even grow from seed. Detailed instructions will be provided, not just for the initial planting out but as your plants grow we will continue to provide instructions and reminders for the life of your plants. The “my garden” section of the website always has a complete list of the plants you have received and access to the instructions and tips for success.
Everything you need is provided in your monthly box including the plants, seeds, pots, trays, propagators, compost, soil, labels and so on. It will arrive at just the right time to use. All our plants can be grown in the provided pots and some can be planted out if you have the space.
You’ll be an expert before you know it!

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Receive a monthly box bursting with interesting and seasonal gardening goodies, selected by our gardeners. Everything you need is included, even the containers and soil.

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Every gardening kit comes with fully explained, easy to follow instructions. Learn to grow flowers, fruit, veg, seeds and houseplants. The personalised instructions continue throughout the life of your plants.